Vimbo Story

Vimbo Basics Company is a Junior Achievement Company that was start up by student entrepreneurs at SHACK. We offer multiple products and services among which include Vimbo Ginger, Vimbo Coffee, Vimbo Delivery Services, Vimbo Technologies Solutions, Vimbo Snacks and several others.

Our goal is

To become the leading manufacturers of home Consumable goods in Africa.

Turyasingura Kevin Moses
CEO / Founder

He is a very business oriented person with great leadership skills and technology know how.

Katende augustine
Marketing Director

He is very talented in communication and poses great marketing skills.

Niwanya Evans
Public Relations

He is very skilled in inter personal skills and also has a good personality.

Tamale Denis valerian
Customer Support

He is a very social person and is good at giving guidance and consoling.