Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

Can find all items for my child on your site?

Yes. We made research about all the items that most students report with to school and are all included on our site. In case you find that some items are not shown feel free to let us know.

Is it possible to order and recieve items and pay later?

One is required to first make actual payment before we can purchase the items. This helps us prevent instances where one orders and later changes his or her mind and this can cause us losses.

How can I also showcase my products on your site?

That is very easy. Contact us and we shall help you set up a shop on our site.

Is there a deadline for making shopping for students before beginning of the term?

In order for us to shop and actually deliver the items to all respective schools we decided to always stop allowing shopping lists 3 days before beginning of the term. So we advise all those interested in using our platform to always plan in time.

What exactly happens after ordering?

Once we have received shopping lists from all users, we proceed to buying the items and storing them in our stores. Later on as the term is beginning, we transport to the respective schools and store them.

  The students are required to present shopping list receipts that where generated from our system at the time of ordering in order to access the items.

What if i change my mind later, can you refund my money?

You are refunded all the money as long as you can prove you actually made the payment.